Fourth of July in Stone Harbor

Another great day at the beach. It was hotter and a bit humid, but still really nice. The water felt terrific and really cooled you off. The photo above is of the kids: Nikolas, Emma, and Amelia in their patriotic clothing. We went out for Springers Ice Cream about 3 ish after being at the beach.
This one is Emma on the "Nuns Beach". You can see everyone gathered for the Nuns sing-a-long.
The Nuns got the lifeguards waving the flag, to lead the kids down the beach singing patriotic songs. They handed out small flags to all the kids and there was someone painting faces too. When the kids got back we all sang several songs and said the pledge of allegiance. The Nuns assured us that our trops in Afghanistan and elsewhere could hear our songs and prayers because they would be carried across the Atlantic and into the Mediterranea and then on to the Gulf.
These are three of the Nuns all dressed up for the Fourth og July! As I type this Uncle Ron is cooking hamburgers and hotdogs in preparation for our dinner -- it's even nice enough to eat on the porch -- not too windy or too hot! God Bless America!
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