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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Living Room

Here's a couple of photos of our living room right after we painted it. We love color and this one is Benjamin Moore "Nacho Cheese". The painting above the fireplace was our first real painting which Dad and Hazel gave us -- its from Ireland. The fan is one we choose and had installed -- there was nothing at all on the ceiling -- no fan or light. We were going for some combo of Arts and Crafst and 1930s aviation style. It is a really comfortable room and great to read and talk in. There is a bay window too -- from which we can see what is going on in the circle at the dead end of our street and up the road.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stone Harbor visit

Jim, Emma, Maggie the Pug, and I spent the week before Labor Day at Mom's beach house in Stone Harbor, NJ. We were joined by my sister Kate, her husband Ron and my twin niece and nephew Amelia and Nikolas who are now 20 months old. They also brought George - their golden lab mix puppy. Here are some photos from our week.

Nicky playing on the beach and riding his trike.

Amelia and Nicky playing on the beach
Emma keeping warm in the twins stroller -- it was not cold to the rest of us!

One day Jim, Emma and I rented a bicycle built for three -- so to speak. It was actually quite hard to pedal, but we enjoyed spending an hour tooling around. We stopped by Mom's house to show everyone.

Jim on one of his rare visits to the beach -- wearing his cool "Australian bush hat" which we bought in Newport, RI.

"Miss Amelia"

The annual family shot -- on the front steps of Mom's house.

Amelia -- always busy.

Emma at YMCA Cheerleading camp

Emma spent the first two weeks in August going to Cheerleading camp at the YMCA. Since it was a Y camp it was very low key -- they still did all the usually things like swimming lessons and free swim, but in between they worked on learning cheerleading routines and then presented a short performance on the last day. I attended the performance which they did to what I think was a Paula Abdul hit from the early 80s which featured cheering ... "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey!". I enjoyed the performance and though I am biased of course -- Emma was definitely the best one in the group of 1st-3rd graders. I was very pleasantly surprised and really proud when she one a certificate as the most helpful and cooperative in her group. She was the one who did all the counting and lead the others in the routine. The photos are of Emma in her outfit -- they all wore shorts and YMCA T-shirts -- and holding her certificate. Mama was SO proud! We went out for a celebratory ice cream afterwards.

Blessing of the Combines

In early August Jim and drove down to Snow Hill, Maryland where my Dad and Hazel live to pick up Emma who had just spent a week with my Mom in Stone Harbor and then a week with Dad in Snow Hill. Our trip just happened to coincide with one of Snow Hill's more interesting events -- The Blessing of the Combines. Snow Hill is in the eastern shore of Maryland in a mainly farming area. So, on Saturday we all walked the half mile to downtown to watch the parade of antique tractors and very modern huge combine harvesters. Once they were in town they all lined up on a small side street to be blessed by one of Snow Hill's several ministers. The event also included lots of other activities such as a petting zoo, kids crafts, lots of food, and displays. Despite the ungodly hot and humid weather we had a good time. It really was neat to see all of the combines lined up together! We were really happy to go back to Dad's and jump into the pool though.

Two boys sitting in the wheel of a combine
The combines lined up on Green Street