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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More scrapbook layouts for my latest class #MeTav

I got some scrapbooking time in today and finished the letters F and G for the album I am making for the Me: the Abridged Version class. Here they are:

Monday, October 11, 2010

More 11th birthday celebrations -- the Slumber Party

Saturday was Emma's birthday slumber party.  We spent most of the morning shopping for party supplies, including these incredibly cute M&M tins which we filled with -- of course -- M&M's (purple and orange ones) and gave as one of the party favors. Our color scheme for the pary was purple and orange so they fit right in.  Since the stores are always full of Halloween themed things at this time of year Emma decided to go with the flow and use sort of Halloween colors and themes.  The first activity was painting pumpkins and decorating them. This was a hit and kept them all busy for some time. Then they played games outside involving pumpkins -- something Emma played at camp.  They are old enough now that I don't have to be a hands on supervisor all the time which is great.  The dinner menu was -- of course Pizza -- followed by Emma's choice of Friendly's Oreo cookie ice cream cake.  They rounded out the evening by watching a movie and doing their nails. They didn't wake up until almost 7 am and then entertained themselves until it was time to go home playing a game Emma got as a present -- PayDay.  They all loved it and didn't want to stop playing!  Jim and I were even able to watch some episodes of "Friday Night Lights" and drink a glass of wine when they were all watching the movie.  All in all a successful and fun party.
Waiting for the guests to arrive

Emma's best friend Ally and her "self portrait" pumpkin

Opening gifts as Jessica looks on

Alternate uses for Pink Disney Princess Chairs -- Pug Dog bed!

I finally got a photo of Chloe in her "new dog bed". As you can see -- or maybe you can't -- this is actually a very pink Disney Princess chair that Emma got as a birthday gift some six years ago. It's been in the basement for ages and we brought it up when my 4 year old niece was visiting in August. One day Chloe checked it out to see if she could climb in it and she did. That time she didn't stay long, but over the past month or so she has started sitting in it regularly whenever she can't talk one of us into letting her sit on the couch with us. It's cuter in person! I'm glad she's got her own little spot to bask in the sun in comfort!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkins and Turning Eleven

Selling pumpkins at St John's church
I always know it's Fall when all the pumpkins arrive at our church.  This is the fourth year we've been doing it at St. John's and it's our biggest fundraiser. The church sits up a hill at the top of a lawn across the street from the main shops in downtown Barrington. It's so cool to see all the pumpkins on the lawn as your drive through town. Emma and I always sign up to sell pumpkins and have a great time.  Lots of parishioners sign up to sell for two hour shifts and it's one great way to meet other people. I managed to get a photo of Emma last time we worked this past Sunday, during the one slow period.  I know I am biased, but I think she's pretty cute.  I also enjoy watching all the little kids running around looking at pumpkins. Emma enjoys giving out pumpkin patch stickers to the kids too. I've noticed that it's also a favorite spot for photo taking -- everytime I work there are several kids being posed by pumpkins for photographs -- sometimes with cell phones -- other times with big SLR cameras and tripods.
Emma's big gift from Mom and Dad. She can borrow my iPod for now.
In other breaking news, Emma turned eleven years old yesterday.  We had a small family gift opening celebration followed by dinner at Billy's Restaurant here in town. It's a family favorite with kid friendly food, but also adult friendly food and ambience -- and most importantly for me -- wine.  Emma was excited because it was going to be her first time ordering off the adult menu since their kids menu is for 10 and under!  The downside of this was that we didn't get crayons.  Now that wouldn't normally be a problem, but Billy's has bistro style tables covered in plain white paper upon which Mommy (me) likes to doodle while waiting for dinner.  I may have to start bringing my own crayons. Last year I embarrassed Emma by writing "Happy Birthday Emma" with a big arrow pointing to her -- right on the table!  Emma chose to have the cheese pizza and then chocolate cake for desert. This was a treat for me too since I didn't have to cook dinner, or have leftover cake, and I enjoyed a yummy meal.
Mommy's table doodling from last year's Billy's Birthday Dinner.

Emma's main gift from Mom and Dad was the boombox pictured above.  She often borrows my iPod and docking station and I thought it would be neat for her to not have to move the docking station around all the time.  I don't use my iPod that much so she can borrow it most of the time she asks, and lots of her music is on it anyway.  Since she got birthday money from several relatives she is at least half of the way to buying her own iPod anyway -- if she wants.  She also got an IOU for re-doing her room with more tween appropriate bedding. Right now she has pink and purple ballerinas and fairies!
Eleven pink roses
My Mom really outdid herself and sent these absolutely gorgeous pink roses -- it was only later that I realized that she had sent eleven roses -- for eleven years.  Now we are all enjoying them!  She also sent some Lands End clothes and Emma is wearing the cozy wine colored hoodie with furry lining today.
Opening the flowers while Daddy watches

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Me, the Abridged Version class layouts #MeTAV

I'm taking this great online scrapbooking course at Big Picture Classes. They have lots of neat online classes on scrapbooking, photography and other crafts.  I am taking the class "Me: the Abridged Version, taught by Cathy Zielske who is both a scrapbooker and graphic designer. She's also funny, inspiring and engaging. The idea for the class came from the book An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  The idea is to do an album all about ourselves based on an encyclopedic format. We started by brainstorming entry ideas for the different letters of the alphabet.  I've done my title page, which you see below, and have finished the letters A through E.  It's been fun but I confess that I still have to make myself write -- once I get started it's fine. I enjoy choosing papers and doing the graphic parts much more though. Still, I like having the written documentation so I push myself to journal more. I am using Michele Martin's Delancey paper pack for the patterned papers. I am also using her Ethan solid papers for the white cardstock. The background paper is Katie Pertiet's Naturally Krafty No. 7.  The letters are Ali Edwards' woodshop alpha. I am using the font Georgia in both 14 and 11 points. All of these digital scrapbooking products are available at Designer Digitals.  The templates for the class are designed by Cathy Zielske and we get to download those as part of the course fee.  Thanks for looking.

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