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Advent Greetings and Year in Review

Graduation Centerpiece: More Photos Below the Letter!! Happy Covid New Year 2022 was a very eventful one in the Holmes household, complete with major life milestones. In January all three of us had Covid and started our year hunkered down working from home. We did manage a weekend staycation in Newport, RI in February which was Jim's Christmas gift to me. Chester stayed with the dog sitter and we rediscovered the city we used to live in.  South Dakota and the Nomad Life March brought the start of construction for our home renovation project and a trip to Rapid City, South Dakota with Emma and her boyfriend Joe, to visit his mom and stepdad who are living there at the moment. We’d never been to that part of the country, and it was spectacular. Joe’s parents were amazing hosts and tour guides. My favorites were the Badlands National Park, and seeing Buffalo up close and personal at Custer State Park . I hope to go back sometime! While our kitchen, sunroom, dining area, and guest bat

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