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Lochbuie: A Thin Place

I've been wanting to share some of these photos and try to express how I felt in this magical place. I know that my words won't do it justice at all. The nearby Isle of Iona is said to be a "thin place" which is a term that's been used for Millenia to describe a place in time where the space between heaven and earth grows thin and the Sacred and secular seem to meet.  Emma and I went to Iona on this trip to Scotland and it is certainly a special place, but to me Lochbuie was much more sacred, ethereal and "thin". Maybe partly because there were only a few other people in Lochbuie when we visited, whereas Iona was relatively busy with day trippers. Even the drive from the main road to Lochbuie was gorgeous. It's 8 miles and took about a half hour on the single track road (like most of the roads on Mull!) We drove along the shores of Loch Spelve and Loch Uisg enjoying fantastic scenery (while watching out for cars coming from the opposite direction s…

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