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Remembering Sam, Sixteen Years On

It's been sixteen years since we lost our son, Samuel Robert Holmes.

Jim shared this song with me a few weeks ago, Bluebonnets (Julia's Song). While we don't think about Sam all the time anymore. We do remember -- especially when we hear songs and stories like this one. Aaron Watson wrote it about his daughter Julia who died just after birth five years ago. The lyrics are beautiful -- a lovely way to remember Sam -- and to remind us that life is tender and fleeting and we need to cherish all those moments -- however brief.

The Story behind the song

In another time and place
Grandma would kiss my face
Wish I could go back there again
I'd climb up in my grandpa's lap
I'd lay down and take a nap
That old man and me were best friends And one day I turned around
Leaves are fallin', fallin' down
Those fields were bare and brown and they were gone Long gone like bluebonnets in the spring
We're only here for a little while
It's beautiful and bittersweet
So make th…

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