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Finally -- I've found my political home.

Finally -- I've found my political home -- a tolerant smile at the recognition that we are human, all too human. Too bad it doesn't exist in American politics that I can see!

I just read this excellent article:  Centrism: A Moderate Manifesto from the online journal Quillette

It resonated with me completely. It described my political philosophy and worldview perfectly. The only problem is that this particular political philosophy/viewpoint/practice is almost entirely absent in American politics -- and I would say has been for some time. I'd even say it's lack caused the election of Donald Trump (but we could debate that). 

When are all of us in the center -- and I know there are a lot of us that meet this definition -- going to rise up and take politics and political discourse back. And if we want to how in the world do we do so. I've been trying to do it by not backing down in discussions, by sharing my views bravely -- even though I was called "evil" at le…

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