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Monday, November 12, 2007

Emma's Second grade class photo

Emma is in the middle row, third from the left. Her teacher Ms. Mercier is on the right and the other adult is Mrs. Genetti who is their class aid. Emma's best friends in the class are Ally who is the third from the left in the front row with the pink skirt and top -- and Stephanie who is in the front row the second from the right also in pink, but with pants. I think pink is a popular color don't you. Emma and I love Ian's facial expression. He's the boy in the middle of the front row.

Ally's Bookstore

Here's a little video I took this past weekend of Emma giving an introduction to the bookstore she created in her bedroom. It is named after her friend Ally.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween on Milton Road

Our big pumpkins ready to great Trick-or-Treaters. Jim designed and carved the bottom one and Emma designed and Jim carved the top one. I always get the messy job of scooping all the insides out.

Jim and Emma ready to head off Trick-or-Treating. I stayed home to hand out candy and they headed off with the pack from our street. By all accounts they had a great time. It wasn't too cold, but it was blustery and very Halloween like with leaves blowing around on the ground and the branches creaking a bit.

Neighborhood kids hanging out before going Trick-or-Treating: Olivia, Kayla, Diana and Emma

Kayla, Emma and Kayla's little sister Elizabeth

Our littlest pumpkin -- "the scream". Is he scary or scared.

More kids: Ben, Isabel, Olivia, Kayla, Emma, Patrick, Diana and Peter

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