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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunday in Newport

This past Sunday we made the 45 minute drive down to Newport to go to church at Trinity Episcopal Church where Jim and I sang in the Choir from 1991-1997. We enjoyed the service and worshiping in that fantastic historic space and then caught up with a couple of friends at coffee hour. We're planning to go again this Sunday though we think it is too far to go as our regular church. Then we went on down the hill to the harbor and had a delicious brunch at a place that was new to us called 22 Bowens Wine and Bar Grill. The weather was fabulous and we ate outside looking out at the wharf and a couple of big sailing ships. It was a great way to celebrate Fathers Day -- (and to avoid unpacking boxes).

Views of Trinity, built in 1726.

Bowen's Wharf, Newport

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting settled slowly

So, we are getting settled in here slowly. There are still tons of boxes to unpack and I am afraid that I will never have the Basement in any kind of order. Emma has made a friend down the street who is a year younger than her and they have been playing almost everyday. I really like Kayla and her Mom brought us a loaf of friendship bread the day we moved in -- so much for the standoffish reputation of New Englanders. We have a six year old Pug named Earl living across the street and he has a human sister who is 13 and babysits! We also have two nice girls next door who are 6 and 8. It's a very friendly street and quiet since we live right next to a state park. It gets light here very early and we are woken up by the light and the noisy but wonderful sounds of birds.

In the midst of everything I interviewed for two different part-time jobs that I happened upon while not really looking. I didn't get one, but was offerred and have accepted the other one. So as of July 2 I will be the Librarian at the law firm of Partridge, Snow and Hahn in Providence. My hours will be Monday-Thursday from 8:30 to 2:30 which works perfectly for Emma's school schedule. They are letting me work 9:30-3:30 this Summer to work aroung the Emma's camp schedule. There are no benefits but the hourly pay is worth it. It will be quite a change of pace for me, but I am looking forward to something different and it will be nice to be working in a neat part of Providence right near the courthouse and down the hill a block or two from the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. They were also fine with me taking a planned two weeks off (unpaid of course) at the end of August before Emma starts school so we can go off two the Jersey Shore and spend some time with Dad in Snow Hill, MD. I'll have to buy some new clothes though since the dress there is considerably more formal than at UGA.

Speaking of Dad -- he and Hazel stopped here for a couple of nights on their way to fly to Ireland from Boston. They also dropped off their 7 month old West Highland Terrier puppy (Pumpkin). She is really cute and isn't bothering Maggie too much. The only problem is that she is still a baby and wakes up barking really early! She is lots of fun though and likes to cuddle. She'll be here until mid-July. While they were here they helped me identify the perennials that are growing in our yard -- and we cleared out and cleaned and organized all my stuff into the garden shed in the back yard.

The weather has been great so far and we have been enjoying our patio which turns out to be shady from lunch time on thanks to a couple of really big trees. There is almost always a nice breeze blowing and it hasn't been hot in the house except from one airless afternoon a couple of days ago.

Hopefully some day we will be moved in and only have boxes in the unfinished basement. Then I hope some of you will come and visit. We do have a small guest room and a finished room in the basement where we can blow up our areobed.

As soon as we get the desktop hooked up to the internet I'll post some photos.

Best to all of you.