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Thursday, July 31, 2008

All Quiet on the Summer Front

Wow, it is really quiet at our house right now -- it's also really quiet on our street which is unusual. I haven't seen any kids riding up and down on bikes, or waiting in line at the ice cream truck or playing in the back yard nextdoor. This quiet on the street combined with Emma being away at sleepover camp makes it super quiet in our house. I'm enjoying all my free time, but I confess I would feel better/happier if I could hear some happy kids playing noise outside. I am starting to look forward to getting back into the school year routine and getting plugged back into my "Mom's waiting for the school bus Intelligence Network." I've been getting by on the tidbits I pick up at Book Club for my source of local information, but that only meets once a month -- plus we haven't been going to church so no networking on Sunday mornings either.

I am off to enjoy my temporary freedom from Motherhood by going to spend a weekend with my college friend Wendy at a Scrapbooking Convention near her house in Pennsylvania. We are even staying over night. We are taking a couple of classes together and hitting the shopping/exhibits. She's leaving her kids with her husband -- Jim gets a weekend alone to work until his bicycle until heart is content.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A few of my favorite people in my favorite place ....

We just got back from a week at the beach in Stone Harbor, NJ. No Summer is complete without going there -- indeed in my life of moving around it's the one constant place. I've spent time there every Summer since 1983 (I missed a couple in 1985 and 86). This year we were there with my sister Kate, brother in law Ron, their twins, Amelia and Nikolas and of course Emma and my Mom and all the family dogs. It wasn't necesarily relaxing with since the twins turned two and a half on the fourth of July and learned to get out of their porta cribs -- but there were no dull moments. My sister and I even managed to get a couple of meals out alone together and one lazy hour at the beach alone too!

Emma with her favorite Uncle Ron. Emma gets jealous of the twins sometimes as she used to have Uncle Ron to herself and he would play with her a lot. They managed to sneak off for an afternoon of mini-golf and a trip for ice cream just the two of them.

Here are Kate and Nicky at the playground. Nicky is waiting for a turn on the swings.

One day on the beach Emma saw a sand crab -- or maybe a moon crab. We had a great time watching it dig a hole for itself and Emma got this photo

Nick loved this ride at the Boardwalk in Wildwood. He rode several times on the tractor and then in this sports car.

Jim took this photo of Amelia and me on the carousel. Amelia was a bit tentative about her first horse ride, but she knew she was in the hands of an expert rider!

Nick and Ron taking a break from Emma's 4th of July celebration schedule. She put on a kids parade and did a small performance and then they all put their flags out in the flower beds.

I love this one of Amelia during the parade. It reminds me of Emma's smunchy face.

Emma got a "hair wrap" on the 4th of July. Her she is showing it off!

Lastly, here you see what how the dogs spend most of their beach time. They do get some walks as well, but they just love hanging out in the family room. You can't see Maggie, but she is on a chair next to the love seat!