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Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Man in Delhi

I'm the worst one to go off on a trip and return home with no photos of myself, so I prevailed on a couple of German tourists--Delhi is crawling with them--to photograph me here, before Humayun's Tomb. After spending an afternoon here, I no longer regret not having time for the Taj Mahal, as the Tomb predates the Taj by about a century and reputedly was the model for it. Other buildings at the site include lesser tombs and a mosque. A lot of India's finest buildings date from the Mughal period, when a Persian/Muslim dynasty ruled much of the country. The Taj Mahal and the Red Fort (previous post) date from the 17th century.

Fascinating country; probably the most "different" place I've been thus far, despite our common English language (which isn't very widespread among the Indian populace). It's been interesting to be here during our elections. The main concern for the Indians, of course, is whether the changeover in Congress will scuttle the U.S.-Indian nuclear deal. The Times of India, India's leading news outlet, seemed pleased about the Democrats' victory, although it also editorialized that President Bush "has been a great friend to this country."
[Posted by Jim from India]

Stillbirth and Grey's Anatomy

Imagine my suprise while watching "Grey's Anatomy" this past Thursday evening -- to find myself watching another women and her doctor and their stillbirth experience. My first emotion was to be thrilled that the issue of stillbirth is being shown on one of prime time's most popular TV dramas. It's a topic most people don't even know about let alone talk about. Stillbirth definitely could use the media exposure. Then the second emotion hit me -- wow, I lost my baby Sam who was stillborn at 38 weeks. All the sadness came back again almost 5 years later -- just for a minute or two -- but if was there. Not much to say about it other than it sucked, and was awful. Most stillbirths happen with no warning and as many as 50% have no identifiable cause, so in some ways the Grey's Anatmony story isn't as poignant as it could be since the baby died because of a fall -- but the pain would be no less for the parents and their doctor. The episode showed stillbirth for what it is too -- giving birth to a baby just like other mothers. They showed the mother going through labor and then Addison (her doctor) placed the baby in the mother's arms and she and the Dad cried together. The experience was not sugar coated. So, if you have a chance to watch in re-runs (or download it from the web site) the episode was called "Where the Boys Are" .

Here's the relevant part of the episode write-up
Addison and Callie both assist a pregnant woman who fell in the shower and broke her arm. She's refusing all meds to spare the baby, but the ultrasound reveals that the baby died in the fall. Addison leaves the room abruptly and Callie follows her into the women's room, where she finds her crying. Addison says she doesn't know why it's affecting her so much, except that they're such a happy couple and the second she tells them about the baby, they won't be anymore. Callie urges her not to tell the couple right away. When she finally does tell them, they fall apart.

Well, back to reality on the home front -- aka get Emma into bed.
Thanks for listening!

New Twins photos

Here they are eating dinner or lunch -- who knows -- in the living room -- apparently Mommy (Kate) is watching the View on TV. I don't know if its food or a boo boo on Nik's nose.

Emma gave Nikolas and Amelia her old Lego Duplos and here they are having fun playing with them and scattering the pieces all over there house (as opposed to my house). I can't believe how much older Nikolas in particular looks -- than he did in August.

More photos from Delhi, India

Jim sent a few more photos. He didn't have much detail to report other than that he is suffering dreadfully from jetlag, but did get out to do some sightseeing in Old Delhi over the weekend. The photo immediately above is of the Red Fort, in Old Delhi.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Photos from Jim in India

Jim sent these and the following e-mail to me yesterday and I thought I'd share them with you. He is in Delhi, India for two weeks as an exchange research fellow at a think tank there.

"Have attached a couple of photos. Heckuva good camera. No grand buildings or so forth, but I very much like the cow watching the cricket match.

Busily planning my weekend. As I told you, have been bushed, and USI is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, so haven't ventured out for sightseeing or shopping. Planning to spend the weekend tending to that. Not planning to go out to the Taj Mahal, which is too far for meaningful day trip. (Tours are available, but you spend about 11 hours on the road to get a couple of hours there.) There are other sights here in Delhi that look equally cool and were built in the same Mughal period. Have some shopping recommendations as well. Evidently clothing is dirt cheap, which explains why even the poor women are gorgeously dressed."