Dropping off Emma at ECC camp

On Sunday afternoon, we dropped Emma off for a week of sleep-away camp at the Episcopal Conference Center in Pascoag, RI.  We set up her bunk and Teddy got comfortable for his week at camp. I got Emma to pose for a photo by her bunk -- she sort of rolled her eyes when I asked!
This year Emma's friend Ally and Katie (who also go to church with us at St John's Episcopal church) are also going to the sleep-away camp.  Ally arrived about the same time we did so I got a photo of them together while we were waiting in line. I also managed to get this super one of Jim and Emma together. Leaving Emma at camp is sort of "old hat" for us as it's the third Summer, but I still miss her and miss talking to her on a daily basis.  Still, I know she's having a great time and it's perfect for her because she loves constant activity and being with lots of people. We pick her up on Friday evening and then we will spend Saturday doing laundry and packing for her next sleep-away camp.  She heads of to 4 weeks at Chimney Corners Camp on Sunday!

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