Dropping Emma at Chimney Corners Camp

Emma, finally got a top bunk! She's in cabin Victory Chimes in the Junior Unit.
Family shot outside Emma's cabin. Is it just me, or does she look a whole lot more grown up than she did when we lieft her for the first time in 2008? Or even last year! Even her counselors from last year commented that she looked much taller and more grown-up.
You can see Emma's cabin in the background of this shot. It's right by a little gathering spot. Here's Emma and Jim having a last father daughter moment.
We saw this sign as we were leaving. It's on the library and game room cabin. We'd just taken a peak inside -- I'd been in, but Jim hadn't see it. There were several old books in there he wanted to borrow, including the biography of Samuel Elliot Morrison. Of course they have lots of other books too -- ones that girls Emma's age and older might want to read. I assured him he could borrow the book and it most likely would not be missed -- I could return in at Mom's weekend.

Jim and I spent our first empty nest evening watching a couple of Tudor's episodes that were so "heavy" that we are now watching an episode of "Coupling" to decompress.

Best to you all!
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Unknown said…
i love ccc! i go there and enjoy it very much
Unknown said…
i love ccc! i go there and enjoy it very much!

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