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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More breaking Emma news -- well what did you expect?

This morning Emma's other top front baby tooth came out while she was brushing her teeth. It was really a momentous occassion. The end of an era for both Mommy and Emma. She now has an amazing gap which I will try to capture on film and post soon. This is the sixth baby tooth Emma has lost -- she has her two front bottom permanent teeth and the two top front ones are poking their way out.
Best wishes to all!

Another view down Broad Street from College St. -- on another sunny gorgeous April day in Athens. We were downtown to watch Emma sing with the Athens Montessori Singers at the Human Rights Festival this past Saturday, April 23. They were terrific and enthusiastic as usual. Then we headed off to The Globe for hamburgers for a late lunch. We ended the day by going to a celebration of National Dance Week at the Athens Public Library. Some of the older students from the Athens School of Ballet (where Emma takes classes) did some ballet and modern dances and we watched a PBS documentary called "Born to Be Wild" about the four leading men of the American Ballet Theatre. Wow, there is so much to do in Athens -- especially in the Spring -- come visit! Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Screening of back porch commences tomorrow!

So it is finally beginning. After putting it off for a few years I did the footwork, hired remodeling firm and they are starting tomorrow with the framing on the porch to hold the screens. Then the have to order the screens which takes 2 weeks. I'll try to find time to take some photos to share. It's very exciting.

On the landscapping front things probably won't start until the Fall when the landscapping company has time in their schedule and it is planting season again. I guess I can wait since I have waited all this time to get around to it.

I am really becomming the Queen of Project Management between work and home. It never rains, but it pours. We got a whole lot of end of year money at work and I got 4 projects I had on my wish list approved at the same time -- so I've been getting them up and running which has included writing justification memos to higher admin, training temporary workers and setting up parameters with vendors. Lots of fun.

Hope you are all well -- share your news!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another Newport photo of Jim and Emma

Hi Everyone!
I am experimenting with this as a way of sharing news and photos so I hope you will all comment. Here's another photo from our Newport trip.

Jim and Emma on the rocks at Brenton Point looking out to sea Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

Charley flying a kite at Brenton Point in Newport Posted by Hello

Emma Posted by Hello

Tim  Posted by Hello

Timothy at lunch Posted by Hello

Matthew Robinson age 8 months Posted by Hello

Contemplative Emma Posted by Hello

Blowing bubbles Posted by Hello

Emma and Timothy Robinson at Grandma Tabor's house in Barrington, RI Posted by Hello

James and his Daddy Posted by Hello

Emma and Charley playing in the new family room Posted by Hello

James Winner Posted by Hello

James and and his Daddy doing magic tricks Posted by Hello

Emma on the rings Posted by Hello

James. Emma and Uncle Drew on the swing set at home in Barrington, RI Posted by Hello

Rhode Island trip photos

My first post to this blog for sharing news and photos is some pictures from our recent trip to Rhode Island. Hope you enjoy!