Radney Foster and the story behind "Godspeed"

My husband just sent me an e-mail (yes, he's in the next room over in our house, but often we communicate best via written words!). Anyway, he tells me that the song "Godspeed" made popular by the Dixie Chicks and featured in my previous post, is actually written by singer songwriter Radney Foster who just happens to be one of my husband's favorite artists as the moment. I've heard many of his songs and didn't know who I was listening too. My husband is a "collector" of music and has so many artists and songs that I don't usually know who we are listening to as he usually chooses the music -- and I'm fine with this since we have similar tastes and it's one less decision for me to make.

Anyway, I digress. Radney Foster wrote "Godspeed" for his son to listen to and remember him by when his then three year old son moved far away to France with his mother, Foster's ex-wife. Now, that I know the story behind the song I love it even more. You might want to check our other Radney Foster songs. My current favorite is called "Angel Flight" and it's about the men who died in the mission "Red River 44"in Iraq in which seven Texas National Guardsmen died when their Chinook helicopter crashed outside Tallil, Iraq.



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