Some things I am loving right now

I was thinking about how huge a difference the addition of two plants to my living space has been.  That led me to thinking about other things I am loving right now so I wanted to write them down before the moment passes.

1.) My new jasmine plant and my new paperwhites (just starting to bloom today). 

They are sitting next to my one lonely existing plant that I've had since college.  I fertilized my old faithful plant and she perked up incredibly so I thought I would get some more plants.  I smile everytime I walk by them and can see them from the dining room and sun room.

2.) Walking with my 9 month old puppy Chloe and all of her energy

She is so excited about her walks that even when I don't want to go out (Say in the cold!) she gets me out.  She even has a coat now.  We ventured out yesterday dispite very cold temperatures and I at least arrived home re-energized enough to tackle cleaning out my drawers and closet. 

3.) Hanging out and talking with Emma

She's almost 10 and a half and she's really interesting to talk to and do things with.  She also asks lots of questions which take awhile to explain, but even though the answers (or my opinions/values) are old hat and familiar to me I keep reminding myself that it's all new to her.

4.) Trader Joe's Mocha Chocolate Crunch Squares

These are fantastic and so tasty and you really only need one to satisfy a chocolate craving (well maybe two) and with only about 60 calories a square you can't go wrong!  I just restocked last Friday.

5.) Friday night Pizza and movie (or TV show) with Jim and Emma. 

Lately we've been ordering Dominos Brooklyn style extra large Hawaiian pizza (with pineapples, ham, bacon and red peppers).  We've been watching episodes of the 60s TV show "Lost in Space" on   We could watch more than one -- but we wanted Emma to experience TV 60s style when you really did have to wait for the "same time, same place, next week".


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