Library of Memories class starts today!

I just signed on to my Big Picture Scrapbooking account and have been reading the forums and looking at week 1 materials for the Library of Memories class with Stacy Julian which started today.  I am so excited about this class and am chanting to myself to "just focus on one thing at a time, one assignment at a time, one week at a time" and to not get all stressed out about the whole thing.  There is already a live chat tonight at 10pm Eastern time (I so wish I lived in Central time because 9 is a much better time for me to "chat"). Ten o-clock is usually bed-time for me. 

My goal is to be open minded about a new approach to organizing my photos both printed and digital. I already scrap in a non chronological way a lot of the time, but have always organized photos chronologically.  I've experimented a bit with my digital photos which are in chronological folders, but which I want to tag in non chronological ways.  I'm using Picasa right now and have been working on the people tagging feature -- where the software pulls faces out of photos and you can tag them with names. Once you have done some the software "assigns" new photos where it thinks they should go and you can edit them.  It's actually pretty freaky -- especially when it assigns a photo of you as a child to your daughters tag.

As a catalog librarian I think I am getting too caught up in creating the perfect tagging system with consistant and controlled tag names.  I think I just need to start, document what I have done and tweek as I go.  So, let the class begin.


Hope you are enjoying the class - loved looking at your blog it's fantastic!

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