Photos from my sister in VERY snowy Baltimore

That's my brother-in-law.  He got to celebrate his birthday by shoveling snow before it and after it, and by having to drive to Godard Space Center because he was essential personel for a satellite launching of some kind. 
Here are some photos from my sister in Baltimore taken after the most recent snowful.  Note that the snow is up to the windows and the house is up 7-8 steps from the driveway as well.  It's so deep that my four year old niece and nephew can't/don't want to play in it because they get lost and can't walk.  After all -- it's as deep as they are tall!  The noreaster fizzled out before it got to our house near Providence, RI.  We just have a few inches on the ground and the roads were clear almost immediately thanks to sunshine, above freezing temps and of course experienced road crews and the requisite equipment. 


Kathy Caveney said…
Thanks for posting the photos of Baltimore. My son just told me that Baltimore, as measured at BWI, has received the most snow of any city in the USA this year. Impressive!

As I write this (2/12) the snow flurries have started in Athens, GA. We are waiting to be sent home early--before the flakes hit the road and make driving dangerous! We might get 1-2 inches.

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