Thursday 13: for today

I saw this on a fellow scrapbookers blog and thought I give it a try. The idea is to do this once a week or so to check and to get to know yourself better or have others get to know you better. It's also great for just capturing the moment. It's inspired by the The Simple Woman's Daybook.

1.) Outside my window ... I don't have a window in my cubby at work so can't answer that one, and yes I know I shouldn't be doing this at work, but am taking a mini break.

2.) I am thinking... about how incredibly tired I am and how annoying it is because I have things I want to do and be mentally present for.

3.) I am thankful for ... Jim, Emma and Chloe and for our house and jobs.

4.) I am wearing ... Black pants, green T-shirt, flowered cardigan.

5.) I am remembering ... trying to remember when I felt energetic.

6.) I am going ... to get back to work ordering some materials for the library

7.) I am reading ... Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs

8.) I am hoping ... a quiet day at work to catch up on some projects.

9.) On my mind ... figuring out something fun to do with Emma tomorrow night while Jim is still out of town

10.) Pondering these words ... "Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life." ~Brian Andreas

11.) From the kitchen ... still thinking about the delicious fresh roasted asparagus I ate last night.

12.) Around the house ... constantly combating the junk that piles up inside the front door -- wish we had a mudroom.

13.) One of my favorite things ... right now I am thinking about a big cool glass of white wine (pinto grigio probably)


Journeywoman said…
Hope you enjoy the wine.
Happy TT.
jillconyers said…
I love doing the For Today posts. Just a few minutes to take note of life when I might not otherwise.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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