I survived the tenth birthday sleepover party!

After much anticipation and planning Emma's tenth sleepover birthday party has come and gone and we managed to survive and in fact I even enjoyed myself. Emma and the girls had a great time and thanks to my brilliant idea to hire two older girls as "camp counselors" I didn't have to run the activities either. The idea for "Camp Milton" as the theme was all Emma's and she did the bulk of the planning and decorating. Here's the sign she made to welcome the campers (her guests) to Camp Milton.

We managed to get this terrific group shot of all the girls. The incentive for it was that one of Emma's birthday gifts was a picture frame which came with a permanent marker and was designed for all the girls to sign on the frame and a banner to write the occasion across the top. This was taken in our sunroom which was "the Barn" at Camp Milton. After opening presents the camp evening activity was held in the Barn: movie night. Everyone settled down and cuddled up on the couch and bean bag chairs to watch "Princess Protection Program" with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, two of disney channels teen stars.

Here's a photo of the two "camp counselors": Meghan and Sophie. Sophie's Mom is my personal trainer so since we see each other for an hour at least once a week we end up talking a lot about our kids, so I knew her daughter Sophie, who's in 8th grade, had been to a sleep away camp much like Chimney Corners Camp where Emma goes. She brought her friend Meghan who's also gone to Summer camp for several years. The camp counselors ran all the before dinner activities which included making bandanna bracelets, playing camp games, and storytelling. They were terrific and I think they made that part of the party work really well. The 9 and 10 year olds got to more or less get rid of the adults and hang out together. I got to sit in the living room and just check on things occasionally.

Emma wanted an ice cream cake so we got this Carvel cake from Stop and Shop. It already had Happy Birthday written on it and managed to write a decent looking Emma on it. It was delicious and perfect for the baking challenged (ie: Me)

After Evening activity all the girls headed to their cabins (in our finished basement) to get ready for bed and then Emma lead Cabin Chat before I went down to tell them it was lights out. Jim didn't have to go back down later so even if they weren't sleeping they were quiet.

Everyone was up again by 7:00 am so we had our breakfast buffet with yogurt, apples, bagels, cream cheese and fresh baked Cinnamon rolls (thank you Pillsbury). At Chimney Corners Camp they have Cinnamon rolls for special occasions like Mom's weekend.

After breakfast everyone got their stuff together and while we were waiting for parents they made tissue paper flowers -- again with Emma showing them how to do it (not me).

I can't believe Emma is almost 10. Her actual birthday is October 7th!!


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