Visit to the Rees Family

Emma and I drove down to Solebury, PA to spend the weekend with my good friend Wendy And her family. Jim wasn't feeling well so he stayed home to recuperate. We had a really good time and enjoyed seeing their new house and meeting their two new dogs and seeing them all again for the first time in a couple of years. On Saturday we drove across the river to New Jersey to go to a cool place called Grounds for Sculpture. The site used to be used as a fair grounds and they have rehabilitated some of the cool old buildings. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and have lots of pieces of sculpture spread throughout them, including some that are sort of reproductions of famous Impressionist paintings that you can interact with. The kids loved that. They also loved the water/fountain sculpture area. It was a gorgeous warm and sunny late March day so the water felt good. The new photo at the top of the blog page is from that day and you can see Emma enjoying the refreshing mist. So, here are a couple more photos from our trip.

We all loved this sculpture especially after we realized what she was doing -- though it took us a few moments!

Here we are posing for Emma to take our photo. That's Gavin my god son with the longish blonde hair and his sister Morgan.

This is one of the Impressionist painting sculptures. At first Wendy and I though it was a real person lying under it looking up at the women, but then we realized it was part of the sculpture. This photo shows David also lying down pretending to be part of the piece.

Last, but not least here are the two dogs in the back yard. Gandalph on the left is their newest dog -- a very sweet and quiet rescue dog, on the right is Merlin who is an Australian Shephard and full of energy! You can also see David in the background sitting on the bench and their peacock Ming's enclosure.


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