Stone Harbor Memorial Day

Jim, Emma, Maggie and I all headed south to Stone Harbor, NJ to spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach with Mom, Aunt Kate, Uncle Ron and the twins Amelia and Nikolas who are now almost 2 and a half and are talking in little sentences. They never stop moving though so it was fun and tiring -- except during their nap when we relaxed! Here a some sample shots of the weekend. The weather was beautiful and clear and sunny, but not hot. We had sweatshirts on at the beach some of the time as it was windy. Of course we ate Springers famous Homemade icecream and we all went to the Memorial Day parade on Monday.

Uncle Ron and Nikolas waiting for the parade to begin.

Amelia actually sitting down for a minute.

Maggie in her favorite position on her favorite couch. She pretty much ignored my Mom and Kate's big younger dogs and lounged around.

Nick digging in the sand.

Amelia and Emma posing for the camera. They all played in this hole in the sand for ages. Jumping in and out of it.

More playing in and around the big sand pit.

A moment to rest and talk.
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Wendy said…
Thanks for all the great photos! Obviously Amelia thinks Emma is the greatest! Which, she is!!! I especially loved the photo of Mags - what a grand old lady she is!

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