Open House at Chimney Corners

Emma and I drove out to western Massachusetts a couple of weekends ago to go to Open House at Chimney Corners Camp for girls. Emma is going to sleep-away camp there for the first time this Summer from July 20 to August 17. I think she is more ready than I am! I went to camp there one Summer exactly 30 years ago and it was neat to see it again. It looks much the same -- only a bit smaller -- and there is a new dinning lodge and some other small buildings. Emma was really excited to be able to picture what the place is like. She seems to feel better about things when she has as much information as possible about it -- this is sometimes a bit tiring for me -- especially when I don't know the answers to her questions -- so this was a great opportunity for me to refresh my 30 year old memory and for Emma to see what the camp is like. We went in a cabin like the one she will be in and also in the bathroom "cabin". We saw the lake and the dinning area and the riding stables etc.... It was a nice drive out there too -- particularly after we got of the Mass. Pike and wound our way through the woodsy countryside to the camp. The road followed a gorgeous stream the whole way that meandered over rocks.

View of the Junior section of camp and a cabin like the on Emma will be in (from the back). It started to drizzle so I didn't take many photos while we were walking around.

View from the balcony of the new dining hall looking out over the lake. The balcony/deck is huge and wraps around and has tons of adirondack chairs on it. I'd like to spend my Summer sitting there reading books and looking out at the view.

Our tour guide on the dining hall deck. You can see one of the chairs. In and interesting twist our tour guide's first Summer at Chimney Corners was as a camper at age 11 in 1978. That's the year Kate and I went to camp and Kate was 11 then too. Sorry to give away everyone's ages!!


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