House buying and selling

Jim and I signed a contract on this house in Barrington today. Hopefully this one will work out for us. It was in our top three that we looked at in mid-March and is very cute and has great space for us. The bay window is the living room and the small window is in the kitchen. The house goes back on quite far on the left side and is in an L-shape with a patio in the empty space. More when we know what the inspection report says.
In house selling news -- we had two offers for our house here in Athens over the weekend. We have accepted one and are still waiting for the signed paperwork. More celebration to come when we get that. They offered us our asking price so that's great. If the deal goes through we close on May 31st. I guess I am really leaving Athens! That makes me both sad and excited. Athens has been good to us and is a great place.


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