More new house photos

Here are some shots of the house we have a contract on in Barrington. Jim took them during the inspection a couple of weeks ago. Right now things are on track for us to close on June 1st and move in on June 4th. Keep your fingers crossed. Meanwhile here in Athens, we close on our house here (to sell it) on May 31st.
Here's part of the sunroom looking down the stairs from the dining room. The kitchen has an opening looking out at the sunroom which would be on the left here. The door standing open is to the half bath. You can see a bit of the patio out the window.
This photos if on end of the living room showing the fireplace and the matching bookcases (one of both sides) which they are leaving for us. I wish they were leaving the rocking chair and paisley throw too.

Here's the dining room. They are leaving the gorgeous arts and crafts chandelier. The front door is to the right of the rug in the foreground and the sunroom is to the left down a few stairs. There is an opening from the dining room to the sunroom you can see where the plant is on the left at the back.

Here's the full bathroom in our new house. I'm not sure if the wall is beige or pink. If it's pink we will have to change it, but I like the bright teal green.


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