House deal fell through

Well, I know now that I shouldn't put any photos up until after the closing -- or at least after the sellers response to the inspection. The inspection turned up some structural problems with the detached garage -- not major, it wasn't going to fall down, but important enough. The sellers were not willing to fix them or to give us money to do so. They felt they had given us a good price and that was that. Considering that they misrepresented the cost of the required flood insurance, either accidently or on purpose didn't help either since it was adding to the monthly cost which was already at the top of our price range.

So Jim and I went back and talked about the other two houses on our short list from house hunting in mid- March. Both are still available and we put a bid in on one of them today. So we will see.

Never a dull moment in our lives at present!


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