It's Been Eighteen Years.....

Another Valentine's Day has passed quietly at our house. Jim and I never celebrate because it's a sad day for us. Our son Sam would have been 18 years old this Valentine's Day. I can't believe all this time has passed. We don't talk about it very much anymore, but I know that our friends and family remember us on this day -- one friend sent me a lovely remembrance message. It's been a week of some sad news. A friend who played a big role in my life in college and who is one of the reasons I became a Sigma Kappa sister passed away this week after battling ovarian cancer for several years. One of my very favorite Episcopal priests who retired a few years ago to his house in the Adirondacks is now in hospice after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer not that long ago. He went from working on his house and chopping wood to preparing to say Goodbye. Life is really just this moment -- it's all we have -- but we also can remember and honor those who are no longer with us. Those who touched our lives even if for only a brief time.

I ran across the layout below that I made ten years ago as part of a class I took in documenting our "Yesterdays and Todays" by Ali Edwards.  It was challenging to write, but I'm so glad I did as it gives me something to look back on and to remember.

Page One of Two page layout created in 2009

Page Two


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