Providence Singers performing "Northern Lights" by Ēriks Ešenvalds

I'm thrilled that the Providence Singers has posted some of our recordings from past concerts on You Tube that I can share with you all and that others can find. We just posted "Northern Lights" by Ēriks Ešenvalds which is one of my favorite pieces we've performed. It calls to my soul every time I listen to it. I particularly love the Latvian folk song that begins and ends the piece. I played a water-tuned wine glass in this performance along with about 1/4 of the choir. We had wine glasses tuned to several pitches. See if you can hear their ethereal sound at about 3:30 in and towards the end. Take a listen please and consider subscribing to our You Tube channel. We don't have much posted yet but you don't want to miss what we do have there including some amazing piano playing by our incredibly talented accompanist, John Black -- and the virtual choir version of "Somewhere" we released last month.


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