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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random Thoughts Bouncing Around in an Empty Brain

That's what my head feels like today. In truth it's what my head has felt like for a few weeks now and all of the post Christmas clutter isn't helping. So, what am I doing right now -- am I taking down Christmas decorations, or putting away gifts, or taking a long head-clearing walk -- NO. I am writing a blog post.

It does help to get some of those random thoughts out of my brain and on to paper -- well it usually does. I did what I call a Brain Dump yesterday and wrote every thing down that was clogging up my thought processes and it did help for a while, but today they are all back pinging around in there. Ugh! I know -- you  are saying -- why doesn't she just do some of these things. Well, I have -- I was busy yesterday crossing things off of my to do list, and still it is miles long.

Here's some of the things I did:

  • Walked the dog 2 miles
  • Stretched
  • Returned shoes to Zappos at the UPS store
  • Dropped off shoes to be repaired 
  • Picked up a prescription at CVS (that always takes longer than I think it should -- always a huge line there)
  • Bought myself calendars for home and work since I didn't get any for Christmas
  • Picked up Emma's friend and dropped them off at the nail place to use their Christmas gift certificates
  • Paid estimated taxes
  • Paid bills
  • Did 2 loads of laundry and folded and put them away
  • Met Emma at her ballet class in Bristol so we could take photos for her Summer Dance Intensive Applications. Her teacher helped us get the poses right and I did the photographs.
  • Downloaded photographs to the computer
  • Helped Emma tweak some setting on her new blog: Ballerina Bunheads. Check it out!
Honestly I do not know how my friends with more than one child manage to keep up with everything. Yes, I know I work, but really it's only 24 hours a week spread over 4 days -- I used to work 40 hours a week 5 days a week -- I have no idea how I managed that when Emma was little. On top of all of this not one, but two continuing legal education providers have asked me to speak in June. I guess I am a victim of my own success. The problem is that June is just a bad month for me. End of the school year, dance recitals, taking Emma to dance intensive (hopefully). I really want to say Yes because I enjoy the speaking and admit I get an ego rush out of seeing my name in print as a presenter, but I get crazy and nervous the few weeks beforehand so I think I have to say No. On top of that work is busy (which is good) but it means I can't do any prep work for the talks at work. We are moving to a new building in September and we are doing a huge weeding project combined with moving to a new library catalog system.  Then on my list of other unpaid jobs are: dance class chauffeur, Junior Warden at church. Church choir member and chalice bearer.

Okay, so now I am just droning on with no organization at all. Welcome to my brain!

And I haven't even included the list of unfinished projects around the house that are all also jumping around my brain.

I need a glass of wine -- is it 5pm yet?

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