I want my next boss to be PAM

I want my next boss to be PAM

I just read this post over at Three Geeks and a Law Blog (probably my absolutely favorite law firm/library blog.) This, succinctly stated here, is exactly why I loved working at the University of Georgia Law Library under Ann Puckett -- and would no doubt still love working there under her successor Carol Watson. So here's a shout out to both of them, and to my former colleagues -- and here's to my one day finding another workplace where PAM is in charge. I must say that while money isn't necessarily the best motivator -- in the absence of PAM it sure helps to have the job pay good money -- some days it's the only thing that gets me to work.

"Meet PAM:

P = Purpose. Employees that have a known, shared purpose are happier and more motivated. For law firms a shared purpose might be better client service (e.g. phone calls returned timely). Or it might be faster resolution of cases, or it might be better settlement outcomes. Whatever it is, having an understood, shared goal will drive people to success.

A = Autonomy. People, especially in knowledge worker roles, do not like to be micro-managed. They prefer to be given a goal and some resources, along with the autonomy (and responsibility) to get it done.

M = Mastery. People also like to be masters of their domain (hold the Seinfeld references). They enjoy being respected as a knowledgeable expert on a given subject.

Which brings us back to PAM and why I want to work for her. Bradford’s words really rang true for me. Yes, I want to be paid what I am worth. But more importantly, I want to feel the value of that worth in my job. If you ever get to work for PAM, count yourself as lucky.

PAM also highlights the apparent gap between lawyers and other professionals in the industry. She’s probably there for many lawyers, but only makes rare, guest appearances with the other professionals in a firm. Firms should really consider bringing PAM on-board for the entire firm as they embrace change."


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