Snow in Snow Hill

Nikolas sledding -- too bad there aren't really any hills on the Eastern shore
 It was a nice day today to go out and play in the snow before the temperatures warm up and the snow melts. We weren't in Snow Hill for the big blizzard since we arrived late yesterday, but they had about a foot of snow on Sunday. It wasn't so cold and windy today. I confess that I watched from the window while my sister took these photos and our kids built the snowman with their Dad/Uncle Ron.  The dogs, meanwhile, we all outside having a ball in the snow -- Chloe loves snow and was chasing all around with the big dogs Bella and George. Pumpkin, the west highland terrier was upstairs having a nap with Hazel.  Jim has spent the afternoon putting together his lego aircraft carrier that my sister's family gave him.

Earlier the grown-ups went out for a Sushi/Japanese lunch -- while Hazel took the kids to Friendly's for lunch -- she should get an award!  Now Dad's cooking dinner and Emma and the twins are playing house again on the stairs to the basement (they are at one end of the family room here and are carpeted and they are hidden from the room by bookcases so they make a great little nook for playing in).

Amelia with her hat on backwards

Emma and Amelia with the snowman they made with Uncle Ron.

I think I like the pink hat better than the Ravens ballcap.


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