Singing at the State House

Rhode Island State House in Providence
The Hampden Meadows School 5th grade chorus (as well as the 4th grade chorus) sang at the State House today as part of the Governor's Holiday celebration series. There are concerts by lots of different school groups from all over the state every day at lunchtime in the rotunda of the state house during the month of December. It was an honor to be chosen to be one of the groups performing as there are lots of groups that would like to perform. I was able to nip out of work during my lunch and head over to see them sing. I was really impressed at how well behaved they all were while waiting to sing, and how well they sang! There was some really nice harmony and the space is very alive acoustically and so not all that easy to sing in.
Hampden Meadows School 5th grade chorus waiting to sing. Emma is in the back row center with white sweater and red hairband and silver dress
I watched from the second level so the photo I took is from above. I could get a front row place to stand up there so it was worth the odd viewing angle.  I also got a great view of the rotunda above which is much prettier than my photos show. The concert was broadcast on Capitol TV on cable and the school got a copy on DVD so hopefully they will make copies for all of us. We are about to watch the rebroadcast on TV

It was a great break in my day and fun for the kids too.
Looking up at the rotunda
Relaxing after the concert and looking bored as parents take their photos
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