Third Grade Send-off

Here's a short clip of Emma singing her solo at the Primrose Hill School 3rd grade send-off. She did a fabulous job -- of course I am not biased at all. The whole event was neat. The 4th and 5th graders go to a different school in Barrington so this event was a farewell for the 3rd graders. The recorder club played, the 3 different chimes groups played --- all of them were terrific and looked like they were having fun playing the chimes. Recorder and Chimes are clubs that meeting in the morning before school. The chorus is the entire 3rd grade and they did 4 songs. Three were up beat with recorded music and one with choreography. The one Emma had a solo in was from the muscial "Wicked" which I still need to see! -- I think it was called "For a Reason"?? It was about people coming into our lives for a reason so was appropriate for the occasion. After the musical performances there was a slideshow put together by Emma's teacher Mrs. Provost and was a slideshow of highlights from the year set to music. It was great too and what's more important -- the kids loved it and the parents got to see photos from all the various field trips and events we don't get to see first hand. Lastly the kids all went up and received a "Certificate of Achievement" from their teacher and the principal as their names were called. I had the random thought during this event that in 9 years we would all be sitting at High School graduation, and that it has been 9 years since Emma entered our lives as our precious baby! Time goes so fast!

So enjoy and have a great (in our case rainy) weekend.


Wendy said…
Where's the link to the clip?
Singerna said…
Its didn't work when I tried to post it from You Tube. It did work when I posted it to Facebook so check there. I'll try to get it on the blog again sometime.

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