Feeling Happy and Nostalgic


I was just looking through some photos online and ran across this one. Makes me think about how fast time seems to be going back, and reminded me of Emma at age four and how much I loved that age. This was taken at an Easter Egg for all the Supper Club kids in Lesli's back yard. She's with her first "boyfriend" Mason. They met when we first moved to Athens and were friends from then on, but many times Mason's parents and I would joke about how they acted just like an "old married couple". Mason who pick on Emma all the time and she would overreact and then they would make up and keep playing together. I will never forget the time at Supper Club when a few of us went to check on how the kids were doing playing. We walked in right in the middle of Mason delivering a babydoll from under Emma's sundress. Maybe we should have been "worried" but they were just playing house and this was just part of having a baby.

Right in time for the Fourth of July, here's another favorite photo of mine. Emma in her Stars and Stripes dress on the back porch on our first July 4th in Athens in 2001 when she was 21 months old. The only way to tame her curly hair was with little ribbon clips you can see in the photo. She was so cute at this age too! Maybe all this nostalgia is because Emma is away at camp -- I don't know -- it is just neat to look at older photos and remember those times and see how Emma has changed and grown. So for a comparison to the present -- here's a photo of Emma I took just last week on our visit to the Breakers in Newport.

We had a lovely visit to Newport with Mom and Jim last Saturday. I've been to the Breakers many times, but they have a new audio tour and have opened up some behind the scenes things like closets (okay, maybe I am the only one who is interested in how clothes of the rich were stored in 1895). I particularly enjoyed watching Emma enjoy learning about the life of the family and their kids in the house and the staff and their families too.

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