Taking Emma to camp


Here's Emma outside her cabin at Chimney Corners Camp. This is her second year at camp and she is still a Junior, but this year she is in the cabin "Noah's Ark". She wasn't nervous at all and in fact she asked us to leave at 2 when we could have stayed until 3. We arrived right at 1pm which was the earliest we could arrive. She was really excited because her assistant counselor was someone she knew from last year who had worked with her cabin as an Aide. She had mentioned Catie in the car and was hoping that she would be her assistant counselor!


We took Mom along to take Emma to camp. She hadn't been there since she took Kate and I took camp there over 30 years ago. She said it didn't look all that different.

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Emma's counselor offered to take a photo of all of us together so here we are! This year it was so much easier to leave her there now that I know what to expect and I know she had a great time last year. I am looking forward to Mom's weekend and getting a chance to go to camp myself for a couple of days and sharing what Emma's been learning and doing.

If you want to send a letter to Emma at camp here is her address:

Chimney Corners Camp
Noah's Ark / Junior Unit
748 Hamilton Rd.
Becket, MA 01223

She will be there until July 25th.


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