Abbie's Holmes Family Slide Show

[Click twice to play]
This is a slide show with music that Abbie Dillard (Jim's cousin, our flowergirl, Aunt Carolyn's daughter) made of lots of Holmes and Patterson family photos. It's long (10 minutes) but if you look closely you will see several of Emma, a couple of me and several of Jim at various ages (note the boy in the orange T-shirt -- and also the teenager by the piano in the background with grey tinted glasses). Lots of the photos are of Nannie-Mom who is Emma's great great grandmother and who we all knew as she died at the age of 1005 in 2005. She was Robbye Patterson Holmes and was married to Calvin Bedford Holmes. She's is the handsome one with regal bearing. They were the parent's of Jim's grandfather Robert Holmes. There are also lots of photos of Robert at various ages. When you see twins it is mostly Jim's Dad Ron and Uncle Bob, but a couple are of Jim's brothers Mike and Steve. Enjoy!


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