Stone Harbor visit

Jim, Emma, Maggie the Pug, and I spent the week before Labor Day at Mom's beach house in Stone Harbor, NJ. We were joined by my sister Kate, her husband Ron and my twin niece and nephew Amelia and Nikolas who are now 20 months old. They also brought George - their golden lab mix puppy. Here are some photos from our week.

Nicky playing on the beach and riding his trike.

Amelia and Nicky playing on the beach
Emma keeping warm in the twins stroller -- it was not cold to the rest of us!

One day Jim, Emma and I rented a bicycle built for three -- so to speak. It was actually quite hard to pedal, but we enjoyed spending an hour tooling around. We stopped by Mom's house to show everyone.

Jim on one of his rare visits to the beach -- wearing his cool "Australian bush hat" which we bought in Newport, RI.

"Miss Amelia"

The annual family shot -- on the front steps of Mom's house.

Amelia -- always busy.


Unknown said…
OMG! Everyone is so much bigger (the kids, I mean)! I miss you guys! After my October Admissions hell (Open House, Entrance Exam, etc..) we have to get together!

Love, Karen and Mark

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