Blessing of the Combines

In early August Jim and drove down to Snow Hill, Maryland where my Dad and Hazel live to pick up Emma who had just spent a week with my Mom in Stone Harbor and then a week with Dad in Snow Hill. Our trip just happened to coincide with one of Snow Hill's more interesting events -- The Blessing of the Combines. Snow Hill is in the eastern shore of Maryland in a mainly farming area. So, on Saturday we all walked the half mile to downtown to watch the parade of antique tractors and very modern huge combine harvesters. Once they were in town they all lined up on a small side street to be blessed by one of Snow Hill's several ministers. The event also included lots of other activities such as a petting zoo, kids crafts, lots of food, and displays. Despite the ungodly hot and humid weather we had a good time. It really was neat to see all of the combines lined up together! We were really happy to go back to Dad's and jump into the pool though.

Two boys sitting in the wheel of a combine
The combines lined up on Green Street


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