Our Living Room

Here's a couple of photos of our living room right after we painted it. We love color and this one is Benjamin Moore "Nacho Cheese". The painting above the fireplace was our first real painting which Dad and Hazel gave us -- its from Ireland. The fan is one we choose and had installed -- there was nothing at all on the ceiling -- no fan or light. We were going for some combo of Arts and Crafst and 1930s aviation style. It is a really comfortable room and great to read and talk in. There is a bay window too -- from which we can see what is going on in the circle at the dead end of our street and up the road.


Anonymous said…
Hi Beth, I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Your sister's twins have really grown and they are so cute. I see a family resemblance among all the children, including Emma. Glad to know all the fun things you have been doing. Bob and I have had a busy summer. The poor garden has had a hard time surviving with the water restrictions we have.
I am still enjoying retirement but I miss all my old UGA buddies.
Wendy said…
I LOVE the color. But then I have an orange living room, so I might not be the best judge of good colors. We are big fans of Ben.Moore paint - I do believe we have chip of Nacho Cheese in the paint chip files!!! :-)

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