Screening of back porch commences tomorrow!

So it is finally beginning. After putting it off for a few years I did the footwork, hired remodeling firm and they are starting tomorrow with the framing on the porch to hold the screens. Then the have to order the screens which takes 2 weeks. I'll try to find time to take some photos to share. It's very exciting.

On the landscapping front things probably won't start until the Fall when the landscapping company has time in their schedule and it is planting season again. I guess I can wait since I have waited all this time to get around to it.

I am really becomming the Queen of Project Management between work and home. It never rains, but it pours. We got a whole lot of end of year money at work and I got 4 projects I had on my wish list approved at the same time -- so I've been getting them up and running which has included writing justification memos to higher admin, training temporary workers and setting up parameters with vendors. Lots of fun.

Hope you are all well -- share your news!


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