Juno Blizzard 2015 | Some photos

Not much to report from Barrington, Rhode Island. We are extremely thankful that we have not lost power during this storm! Makes it fun to be stuck at home with a day off from work. I took a couple photos this morning and some more a half hour ago right after the snow plow came down our street and cleared out the circle at the end of our cul-de-sac. Our DPW crews do a great job here. We had so much snow in the circle that the plow actually got stuck and had to dig his back wheels out -- and he had chains on his tires. I'd estimate we had 17-18 inches here. No school tomorrow -- and work at the Naval War College delayed until noon as far as I know. So, enjoy the photos and stay warm.

Chloe's not sure she wants to be outside

Our house

Looking up our street towards the main road

Chloe thinks she wants to go on a walk

Looking down our street towards our house

Snow drifted up against our back door this morning before the second heavy snowfall period. About one foot high

Snow piled up on top of our storage box on the back patio

Snow hanging several inches over the edge of our roof


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