Sledding, sledding and more sledding

Even though we only got about 10-12 inches of snow here in Barrington there is still plenty left on the ground. Emma was sick on Wednesday when it snowed and also on Thursday so this was her first day to go out and sled. It was also lovely and sunny and not too cold so Emma, her friend Ali, Chloe and I headed out to St. Andrew's Farm Field where there is a pretty decent hill. It's in walking distance too which is a plus.

Ali, getting ready for her first run
Emma at the bottom of the hill

Mom brought her coffee then sat it in the snow when she was done, and since she's pretty odd she took a photo of it

There were a few other kids out, but not that many

I thought the berries on this tree were pretty
Chloe and I took a walk around the field while the girls were sledding. It was tough walking in some spots as the snow was deep and hadn't been walked on much. Chloe didn't seem to mind at all and was having a great time. When we got back we sat in the snow and watched the sledding while Chloe sat on my lap! This field is one of my favorite places to walk with Chloe in all seasons -- it's so beautiful. I especially like it just before sunset. We all stayed out there for at least an hour and half before heading home for lunch.  Ali went home in the early afternoon and then one of Emma's other friends called to invite her to come sledding with them at the golf course, so off she went again. I didn't come this time as I was tired and cold from my morning outing. Chloe and I curled up on the couch for some reading and napping. Not surprisingly Emma fell asleep while watching TV with us this evening an hour before her normal bedtime!


Singerna said…
Yes, the Mom who took the photo of the coffee mug is me (Beth)

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