More Ice Skating

Emma is absolutely loving ice skating. She went again this evening with her friend Katie for the third day in a row. We've been going to Legion Way rink right here in Barrington. It's actually just a flooded parking lot that belongs to the town. There are lights and a shed with hockey sticks and snow shovels. It's dependent on volunteers to clear the snow and there's no zamboni so the ice can be bumpy in places -- but it's free and nearby.  Emma and I bought ice skates with some of our Christmas money. It's also nice to be able to do what you want -- no one telling you what direction to skate in etc... Last Wednesday evening when we went we were practically the only ones there!  Katie's Mom and I are taking turns driving them and skating. I am amazed by how comfortable Emma is on skates after only a half dozen times. She wants to take lessons now! Yesterday I watched her doing some simple turns and pivots. I did some more skating myself too, but then stopped to walk and hang out with Chloe. Here are some photos I took yesterday while Chloe and I watched the girls skate.

Off she goes

Emma and Katie (on the far right)

Emma and Katie talking

You can see one of the snow shovels used to clear the snow off the ice.
Everyone pitches in to clear the snow.


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