More 11th birthday celebrations -- the Slumber Party

Saturday was Emma's birthday slumber party.  We spent most of the morning shopping for party supplies, including these incredibly cute M&M tins which we filled with -- of course -- M&M's (purple and orange ones) and gave as one of the party favors. Our color scheme for the pary was purple and orange so they fit right in.  Since the stores are always full of Halloween themed things at this time of year Emma decided to go with the flow and use sort of Halloween colors and themes.  The first activity was painting pumpkins and decorating them. This was a hit and kept them all busy for some time. Then they played games outside involving pumpkins -- something Emma played at camp.  They are old enough now that I don't have to be a hands on supervisor all the time which is great.  The dinner menu was -- of course Pizza -- followed by Emma's choice of Friendly's Oreo cookie ice cream cake.  They rounded out the evening by watching a movie and doing their nails. They didn't wake up until almost 7 am and then entertained themselves until it was time to go home playing a game Emma got as a present -- PayDay.  They all loved it and didn't want to stop playing!  Jim and I were even able to watch some episodes of "Friday Night Lights" and drink a glass of wine when they were all watching the movie.  All in all a successful and fun party.
Waiting for the guests to arrive

Emma's best friend Ally and her "self portrait" pumpkin

Opening gifts as Jessica looks on


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