Me, the Abridged Version class layouts #MeTAV

I'm taking this great online scrapbooking course at Big Picture Classes. They have lots of neat online classes on scrapbooking, photography and other crafts.  I am taking the class "Me: the Abridged Version, taught by Cathy Zielske who is both a scrapbooker and graphic designer. She's also funny, inspiring and engaging. The idea for the class came from the book An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  The idea is to do an album all about ourselves based on an encyclopedic format. We started by brainstorming entry ideas for the different letters of the alphabet.  I've done my title page, which you see below, and have finished the letters A through E.  It's been fun but I confess that I still have to make myself write -- once I get started it's fine. I enjoy choosing papers and doing the graphic parts much more though. Still, I like having the written documentation so I push myself to journal more. I am using Michele Martin's Delancey paper pack for the patterned papers. I am also using her Ethan solid papers for the white cardstock. The background paper is Katie Pertiet's Naturally Krafty No. 7.  The letters are Ali Edwards' woodshop alpha. I am using the font Georgia in both 14 and 11 points. All of these digital scrapbooking products are available at Designer Digitals.  The templates for the class are designed by Cathy Zielske and we get to download those as part of the course fee.  Thanks for looking.

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Good looking pages Beth. I loved that class, and wished I had time to retake it this year. I know I'll do it again sometime on my own, esp now that I understand the flow of it.

As much as I love to write, this was hard for me ...getting real about me met some resistance! But it was good to get through the balking.

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