What to do when you are addicted to complaining

It's just a banner day in the blogsphere today. I also want to keep this in mind -- I know that it can be one of my downfalls.

What to do when you are addicted to complaining: "

Not too long ago, I caught myself in a conversation with a friend where we spent our whole time together sharing complaints about our lives. In fact we were purposefully seeking out ways to connect through negativity.

You know, commiserating on the difficulties of raising toddlers, the terrible heat, the extra expenses of school season beginning, the monotony of having to clean the house and cook dinner every day.

All too often, if I’m not watchful, I find myself in these kinds of conversations…when my husband comes home, when I drop the kids off to my Mom’s for a visit, when I strike up a conversation with the cashier at a store.

The tendency to focus on the negative and keep ourselves in a constant state of complaining is rampant in our society.

I think it has an addictive quality. And I also think it is destructive to our health.

Read the rest of the article at Steady Mom (where I’m guest posting today!)

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