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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Decided to just jump in & start somewhere on #weekinthelife

So I decided to just jump on it and get started somewhere on my Week in the Life album.  I bought the digital templates by Ali Edwards available at Designer Digitals and after searching through all the digital paper I already own I decided to use the Bluebells and Daffodils paper back by Jesse Edwards also available from Designer Digitals.  I liked the muted color palette and the spring flower designs which go well with the Spring time frame of this album.  It also has grey in it and that way I can use the grey Ali's tags in the templates without having to buy the full set up tags with the PSD files so I can change the color -- plus I like the grey.  I figure my photos have a lot of color so the paper doesn't need to and won't compete with the photos.  At this point I don't know if I am going to do an all digital album or if I am going to use baseball card protectors so that I can include some actual paper emphemera -- maybe I will do that for some days where I have a lot of stuff and not for other days?  I don't need to decide now.  I will probably also do what Ali describes in her blog post Bringing it all Together - The Words, and do a variety of things with my journaling and include some whole pages of journaling too.

So, I am trying to remember to not make this too complicated and enjoy the process -- plus there's no deadline! I'll be posting my pages on Flickr as I finish them.  Just go to my Flickr photostream -- or check the left of this blog for my Flickr slideshow.


jacqueline said...

i did the ali's week in the life and i really enjoyed it. there was no pressure and it let me focus on the small stuff. i came over from stepanie's blog...i really love yours. have a great thursday!

Kerry said...

hey hey... you got a mention on AliE's blog. wow. and i do love your WitL. it's v cool. simple, uncluttered & love the colour choices. i am inspired. yrs looks do-able with my busy schedule... others are also gorgeous, but *sigh* toooooo hard!
are you in the UK? saw "newport" on bus/train somewhere...

Beth Holmes said...

Thanks Keri and Jacqueline. I am in the US. The Newport is in the state of Rhode Island. You can do this with a busy schedule -- I just took photos -- lots of them and took a small journal with me to note things in during the day. I am just now putting the album together slowly -- I've only done Monday and Tuesday so far, but will use the same papers and templates for the whole thing.