Solitude and Leadership

Jim shared this with me and it is just a terrific piece, originally given as a speech to Freshman at West Point.  There is a lot to think about after reading this, though I must say I mostly agree with him.  I am bothered by how busy we are in our society and how much we do all the time and how little we take the time to just be and think and enjoy.  I see it in myself too and it is something I have to remain aware of.  Also, if Emma needs to have 10+ extra curricular activities, and honor roll and AP classes to get into an Ivy League or top level school then I don't think that going to one is all that important.  She hates to be too busy and is always reminding me to slow down, and I think she is right!  I encourage you to read all of this -- food for thought and maybe an in depth conversation like the ones he mentions toward the end of this piece?

Click on the link below to read the whole speech.

Solitude and Leadership

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