The Cooking Ballerina

Emma asked if she could cook dinner from her kids cookbook -- a present from last year. She choose what they called creamy spaghetti which was really spaghetti carbonara. We bought the ingredients at the store together and then she really did most of the cooking, measuring, getting out ingredients, mixing, etc... I only helped drain the pasta. She even plated it onto three plates one for each of us and included a garnish. Either cooking with Papa has worn off on her, or we have been watching too much food channel TV -- or she likes cooking?! Or she was inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia" we saw last weekend? She declared the dish delicious as did we and she ate it all -- not insignificant for a picky eater. I look forward to more yummy meals cooked by Emma as I am happy to relinquish the cooking to her. We were calling her the cooking ballerina because she was wearing her ballet clothes. She put them on to go and try on pointe shoes this morning -- her very first pair!! Then we managed to squeeze in a trip to Trader Joe's as well. All in all an eventful day.

Ingredients assembled and cookbook open to the page we need. It's a great DK kids cookbook with really good photos and step-by-step instructions.

The finished product -- plated and on the table.

Cooking the panceta.
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Wendy said…
AND Emma got her hair cut! Very nice!

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