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I managed to get a couple of decent photos of Chloe recently. We were playing with her in the living room and I also got some video of her running around like a crazy manic doing that Pug scuttling thing they do, but she's moving so fast you can't really see her in the video. So here she is resting on her bed catching her breath.

Chloe is doing great and settling in nicely. She's a great little dog. We've only had a few accidents in the house recently which is great. She prefers to go out WITH us so if we just let her out she doesn't always do anything so we have to walk outside with her and coax her. Every afternoon Chloe and I go on a 20-30 minute walk ending up at Emma's bus stop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursday Emma goes right to ballet so Chloe and I can have a longer walk if we want. Last week we ran into another Pug owner and ended up hanging out and talking for a bit while her kids played with Chloe. It's always fun for me to see other peoples reactions to Pugs. Even people driving by in cars often can be seen with a sort of "Aww..." look on their face. I also love having company on my walks and end up taking them much more often now.

In other projects I finally cleaned out the linen closet and the bathroom closet. Here's the finished product, and yes I did use my label maker -- I love my label maker even if Emma does tease me about it -- I don't know why because she borrowed it to label her bookshelves! I was so thrilled this weekend because I put out the two broken lawnmowers the former owners of our house left here and my old wheelbarrow and Emma's old bike with broken brakes and all four of them were gone in less than two hours. Our neighbors down the street were having a yard sale so I knew there would be traffic at our end of the road. I also took five bags of stuff over to a Yard sale a local church was having. Slowly but surely I will get ride of all the stuff we don't need or use.

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