Old family photos and memories

One of the fun and interesting things about spending time at Dad's is that we get to look at old photos and talk about family history and genealogy. This morning we've been playing with scanning some of my Grandfather's slides from the mid-sixties. They are all pretty dark, maybe because of the original photography, but also possible because of the aging process of the slide film. We don't know enough about photography to know, but have been playing with Photoshop Elements to make them look a bit better, so far without much luck -- though you can at least tell who the people are and where they were taken. Well, Dad can since he was there as an adult. Here are a couple that we worked on from about 1966, taken when my grandparents visited us when we were living in Dublin, Ireland and before my sister was born in 1967. I must be about two years old. My Dad is 27 in this photo and my Grandmother is only 52 in these slides, but the fashions of the day make her look much older to my 2009 eye. I'm 45 right now and hope I don't look that old in 7 years. Still, it is so cool to see her again and to see us interacting as a family so many years ago.

My Grandma Geesey and me at Powerscourt House outside Dublin, Ireland, circa 1966

Grandma Geesey, Dad and I in Ireland, circa 1966

My Aunt Darlene and cousin Sue are coming tomorrow and I think I've talked Dad into a family slide show. These slides were taken by Grandpa Geesey who is also my cousin Sue's grandpa.


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