This is why Health Insurance Costs so Much! (Warning R rated)

So my OB/GYN's office just called to tell me that I need to have a referral from my primary care doctor to have my IUD taken out and then another one to have a new one put in. They had already told me when I made the appointments that I would need to schedule two appointments two weeks apart because my Insurance would not pay to have the IUD taken out and another put back in at one joint appointment. These procedures are apparently classified as out patient OB/GYN surgery (NOTE: there is no blood or cutting involved -- just insertion). Excuse me if I am wrong, but would it not cost the Insurance less to pay for ONE appointment to take out and put in then it will for them to pay for TWO appointments?? Also why the extra referral paperwork -- I didn't need one for my annual check up and Pap Smear where we discussed what type of birth control I wanted to use and was using, but apparently my Primary Care doctor -- who has NEVER had a conversation with me about birth control -- has to write the referral.

I wish I knew how this could be made more efficient -- if I thought the government as a single payer would make it easier I would be all for it -- but I don't have any faith in government as a means of simplifying paperwork and red tape. The one thing having a single payer system would help is at least there might be only ONE set of rules and that would certainly save the staff at both of my doctors offices some time.

So, thanks to you my unamed Insurance (which is what they offer Federal government employees in Rhode Island and is really pretty good) I have to have an intimate part of my anatomy "poked" (sorry for the bad and off color pun) around in twice instead of once and I have to make yet another phone call. Ugh!


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