Farewell to the Apple Car

As some of you already know we decided it was time to retire our faithful Honda Accord. She was ten and a half and had served us well. We were actually a bit sad to see her go. We brought Emma home from the hospital in it in Boston and Emma named it "The Apple Car". So, now we have a sporty new Honda Fit to get to know -- No nickname yet. I made a digital scrapbook page for posterity so here it is.


Wendy said…
Congrats on the new car - so who gets to drive it??? :-) If Emma plays her cards right this will be the perfect car to learn to drive on and take to high school in 7 years!!! Crazy!
Singerna said…
It is mine .... all mine -- I might let Jim drive it on the weekends when we are going out as a family -- maybe!

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